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New to Temecula Valley?

If you have been “welcomed” to your new neighborhood by four, six or eight legged intruders, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of our special discount located in the “Specials” section of our website.

The Temecula/Murrieta valley has the ideal weather and soil conditions for pests to live here year-round (such as Argentine ants, gophers and Black Widows).  Added to this is the abundance of available food sources for rodents, due to the adjacent farm areas.  Rodents have now spread to every community in the valley and the homes are chosen  based on available access points, such as unscreened vents, around pipe penetrations, openings under roof overhangs,  etc.  See our Rodent Control section for more information.

Why Hire a Professional Pest Control Company?

Pest infestations can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family, damage your property, and potentially contaminate your home. The safest method of eliminating unwanted pests is to hire a pest control service in Temecula CA to treat your home for unwanted pests. Here are three reasons why you should hire a professional:


  • Identify and eliminate pests. Different types of bait and chemicals are required to extract and eliminate different types of pests. A professional exterminator has the training and experience to identify these pests and determine the best way to eliminate them.
  • Avoiding house damage. The cost of hiring a pest control professional will potentially save you money over time because a licensed professional will be able to eradicate the infestation quickly and effectively without causing damage to your home. If an infestation is left untreated, many pests can damage your home leading to costly repairs in structural damage.
  • Save you time. A professional exterminator can provide quicker results than if you tried to fix the problem yourself. They have the supplies readily available to get started quickly and efficiently.