The Temecula Valley is home to the dreaded Black Widow spider – the most venomous spider in North America. With venom 15 times as toxic as that of the Prairie Rattlesnake, both the male and female Black Widow spiders are deadly to humans. Even their egg sacs are dangerous! Some Black Widow spiders drift through the air on breezes, attached to a line of silk, then crawl into protected areas to nest. We recommend a monthly maintenance service if you have any reason to suspect that Black Widows or other spiders are active in your home or yard.

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What do they look like?

The female Black Widow spider is shiny black and has a reddish hourglass marking on her abdomen, which can be readily seen because she usually hangs in her web with her abdomen facing up. Her body is about ½ inch long (1½ inches when her legs are extended). She may live for more than a year, and sometimes kills the male shortly after mating. She lays several batches of eggs (up to 750 in one sac) each summer.

Where do they live?

Black Widows like to nest in dimly-lit, sheltered places such as garages, storage sheds, the base of outdoor spas, children's playhouses, etc.

What are the effects of their venom?

If bitten by a Black Widow spider, the venom will cause abdominal pain similar to appendicitis, as well as pain in muscles or the soles of feet. Other symptoms include paralysis of the diaphragm, profuse sweating and swollen eyelids.

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