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Pest Control & Extermination Services in Murrieta & Temecula CA

At Vineyard Valley Pest Control we know how important it is to live in a safe and beautiful home. That’s why our residential pest control services are tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners in Temecula and Murrieta CA.

To rid your home of pests and keep the space pest free for years to come, it is important to have trained pest control experts perform a thorough inspection to identify the true cause of the problem. At this point, the main goal will be to exterminate and make any necessary changes to ensure that infestations will not occur again in the future.

The Pest Problem

Unfortunately our region has the perfect climate for several types of persistent pests including ants, spiders, gophers and rodents.

Moreover, the amount of water area homeowners typically use to maintain their landscaping creates ideal living conditions for these pests.

Pest Control Solutions

We inspect your home, offer advice about any pest control problems, perform an initial treatment to rid your home of any existing pests, and design a maintenance program for your home.

Service options include:

  • Monthly Maintenance Service – Because we have pests year round, Vineyard Valley Pest Control believes that preventing future problems is better than solving existing problems. For this reason, we offer a year-round guarantee for the inside of your home including strategies for controlling the Argentine ant population that has become pervasive in our region.
  • One-time Service – This service is for homeowners who want specific insect problems solved but don’t want a monthly maintenance program. We offer a 30-day interior guarantee for this service.
  • One-time Yard Spray – Even if your home is pest free, your yard may harbor uninvited guests. With this service option we will service only your yard – as many times per year that you feel it is necessary.